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Bond Program

Time Lapse of New Multi-Purpose Room

by Peabody Parent, Heath Kraynak

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New Multipurpose Room.png


Hello and Happy New Year! I hope 2014 is off to a good start for everyone. 


I am thrilled to say that it is off to an exceedingly good and productive start for the diligent construction crews working on our new multi-purpose building. Lisa, our construction project manager, has let us know that the building is on track for early completion. Whereas the multi-purpose building was initially scheduled to be completed on June 27th, completion is now anticipated by the end of March. The completed building will then be energized while the students are away on spring break.


Once the multi-purpose building is completed and energized, the contractors will begin work on upgrades to the administrative building. In preparation for that work, the administrative offices will be temporarily relocated to the multi-purpose building. Modernization of the administration building will begin in April, continuing through the remainder of the school year, with completion anticipated in mid-June. From there, the contractor will continue into the classroom buildings as scheduled.


Activities currently in progress are as follows:


-- Roofing installation began last week and continues this week. The roofing system being used is called TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) single-ply membrane roofing.  It’s a rolled poly material, placed over layers of built up insulation, in a single layer, and the seams are heat welded. The color is white. This creates a high-performance, energy saving ‘cool roof’ system.  – The best part with this installation is no smelly roofing tar. 


-- Exterior building finish begins this week. The exterior finish will be a mix of two different materials. Some areas will receive a ‘cement fiber panel’ system (Hardie Panel) which is hung over gypsum sheathing and waterproof wrap, and the remaining areas will be stucco.


-- While the exterior finishes are being done, the contractor will start work on the interior finishes beginning with insulation and drywall installation. This will begin in two weeks.


As always, you are welcome to send questions or comments about the project to I check the email each week, and work with Lisa and Willem to provide answers/feedback.




Thank you to everyone who has shared questions and thoughts about the project to date. Please feel free to email questions/suggestions at any time to:  

As foundation work continues on our new multi-purpose building, we wanted to pass along some project updates:


Current Work

Excavation is underway and on schedule. It is expected to take approximately another five days of work before the contractor can begin building the foundation and pad for the new building. While no buried treasure has yet been unearthed, the excavation did uncover pieces of the foundation wall from the old George Peabody building that previously opened onto 7th Avenue.  

Play Yard:

Coach Mary is working with Mr. Vroegh and the PTA to determine how best to use the reconfigured yard, and to recommend additional or alternative activities to give students the best opportunities for active play in the current space. 

Drop-Off Zone: 

A number of people have expressed concern about the drop-off zone. DeWitt Mark, our SFUSD project manager, and Lisa Tyrrel, our on-site project construction manager, have applied to the MTA for an extension of the current white zone to the area in front of the north gate entrance. The latest word is that MTA has so far completed measurement and review of the zone and application. There will be an approval hearing on October 25th. Once approved, the white zone extension will be painted, and enforcement will begin. 

Additionally, construction vehicles have been asked not to park in the drop-off zone during morning drop-off. Lisa continues to help us with this issue.


Q & A in the Garden with Lisa: 

Starting this week Lisa Tyrrel (aka: Ms. Lisa) will be in the garden area every Wednesday morning from 8:20-8:40am to answer questions from students and parents about the work being done. The garden is a great vantage point from which to watch the project phases unfold, and it has attracted students, teachers, and parents alike. Students are curious about the project, and have already posed many interesting questions, including the hopeful: “What happens if they find gold?” Join Lisa on Wednesday to find out…





  • The construction office trailer is now in place near the south 7th Avenue entrance.

  • The play structure and some of the planter boxes have been dismantled and placed into storage. They will remain in storage for the duration of the project.

  • The bungalow is in it’s new location along the 7th Avenue fence, where it will remain until the new multi-purpose building is complete and available for use.

    • The bungalow will continue to be used for lunch and RDASC.  

  • Lisa, our on-site construction manager, is working with the city to extend the drop-off zone near the north entrance of the 7th Avenue gate by two additional spaces. The MTA has put a rush on this extension, and will soon (no specific date given) extend the white zone. Once the white zone has been formally extended, cars parked in those spaces will be notified, and subsequently cars parked in the white zone during drop-off will be ticketed.

  • The temporary fencing has moved, reducing the play yard to the size it will remain until during this phase of the construction project (until construction of the multi-purpose building is complete). The PTA is discussing possible ways to mitigate the impact of the smaller play yard.

  • Please contact for any questions you may have.



For the past 18 months members of the Peabody community have been meeting with the SFUSD Bond Program project manager, DeWitt Mark, and a team of architects to plan for the renovation of our existing building and the creation of a new building to house a library, art room, literacy room, additional office spaces and a new multipurpose room and kitchen.  We are thrilled with the plan that has been developed. Many of the changes and modifications that will be made are a result of our community input. Some changes are to bring the building up to ADA compliance and to meet new district standards for energy efficiency and building and grounds best practices.

        The physical construction work is scheduled to begin sometime in the fall of 2013. The project will be completed in 6 phases and last approximately 16-18 months.  The construction work will be conducted while school is in session. There are strict guidelines related to noise, dust and student contact that the contractors must follow while school is in session and while on campus. There is a full time construction manager, Lisa Tyrell, on site for the duration for the program to serve as a liaison between the community and the contractors and a rule enforcer for the SFUSD.

        The school recess and lunch schedule have been adjusted in order to reduce the number of students on the yard during recess. In the past there were two distinct recess and lunch groups (k-2 and 3-5). Now there will be three (k-1, 2-3, 4-5). Students will still have the same amount of recess time but there will be less students on the yard. Our play structure will be removed for the duration of the construction project. It will be placed in storage and is scheduled to be re-erected in December of  2014.

Details about the SFUSD Bond Program can be found at

In addition, you are welcome to download the following files:  General Questions for Peabody Bond Project, Description of General Phasing Requirements, Peabody Phases Areas, Peabody Phases Layout, and Site Plan for Peabody.